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We accept waste paper and plastic
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  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Printed matter
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  • Newspapers
  • Stretch film and LDPE
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Working with us is convenient and advantageous

LLC LOZAR has been working for recyclable materials market for over 20 years.

Our company is engaged in the purchase, preparation and shipment of waste paper .We cooperate with the largest mills in the central region of the Russian Federation. Our company has its own lorry fleet, as well as involved transport, to ensure timely removal of waste paper from the provider.

— The price for corrugated card is 6,500 rub. per ton.

There is a whole network of warehouse facilities from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Its main base is in close proximity to Moscow-St. Petersburg highway. On the area of more than 3 Hectares there are close warehouses, occupying more than 25 thousand cubic meters, which allows us to serve all of our partners throughout the year, regardless of the needs of the end consumer of secondary raw materials.

Monthly volume of stored up waste paper is 8-10 thousand tons.